At the Farm Store: Oct 4-Oct 10

We have run out of bacon, but should have more coming in the next week or two, along with kielbasa and smoked cheddar bratwurst. It’s getting to be ham season, so the next couple months we’ll be stocking up on those. Last year we ran short on larger hams, so we’re planning to run more

At the Farm Store: Sep 27-Oct 3

We finally got a better selection of chops and roasts back in stock. For chops we have thicher 1.5″ bone-in chops and thinner 3/4″ boneless. For roasts we got smaller shoulder (or butt) roasts as well as some loin end roasts. I anticipate we will run out of bacon shortly, but should have more back

At the Farm Store: Sep 20-Sep 26

We are having a pig roast! Something we’ve been talking about for the last couple years, but never quite gotten together. More information to be coming soon, but we have Branch and Blade coming with their beer, cider pressing, guaranteed perfect fall weather (ok, maybe not that last one). Saturday, October 12th. Tickets can be

At the Farm Store: Sep 13-Sep 19

Potatoes – We continue to harvest more of our potatoes. In our farm store right now we have Red Norland, Adirondack Blue, Banana, and Fingerling. We had some wireworm challenges with our first couple rows of Red Norland, but seem to be doing better with some of the other varieties. Apples – We have some

At the Farm Store: Sep 6-Sep 12

Our 17th litter of 2019 was born this past week. Our average number of piglets per litter is around 7 so far this year, compared to 9 last year. A lot of that is due to us bringing in some new breeding stock that hasn’t performed as expected. I think we’ve identified the issue and

At the Farm Store: Aug 30-Sep 5

I grew up in Maine and legend has it that kids in the “county” used to get a couple weeks off in the fall for the potato harvest. I don’t think that would fly with the powers that be around here, so we kicked off the harvest a little early. We brought in our earliest

At the Farm Store: Aug 23-Aug 29

We will be serving sausage from our cart this Friday (23rd) evening from 5:30 – 8:30 in front of the Colonial Theater as part of the Monadnock Farm Tour & Film Festival. We’re working with Partners’ Gardens to serve some of the best local fresh veggies along side our pork, stop by if you have

At the Farm Store: Aug 16-Aug 22

We’re looking into updating our farm sign to make it more obvious to people that drive by that we actually have a store. If you have any thoughts let me know, I like elements of both and haven’t decided exactly which way to go. I tend to use farm “stand” and “store” interchangeably, but some

At the Farmstand: Aug 9-Aug 15

We picked up more bacon, ground pork, and smoked ham today. Our spicey sausages (chorizo and hot italian) are being made as we speek and should be back in stock around the end of the month. The boys and I spent this past weekend volunteering at the Cheshire Fair, for the fair and for the

At the Farmstand: Aug 2-Aug 8

We are excited to announce a brand new collaboration, a fresh beer bratwurst made using Elm City Brewing‘s flagship Keene Kolsch beer. It is available in our farmstand and will be hitting the specials board at Elm City Brewing soon. Bill at Flying Cloud Dairy has been unable to provide us with raw milk the

At the Farmstand: July 26-Aug 1

We got away from the farm for a little time off last week – hence my missing farmstand update. In our absence we had two new litters of piglets, who are enjoying the green grass and warm summer weather. We have the first of our own potatoes in our farmstand now, and will hopefully have

At the Farmstand: July 12-July 18

We had our second successful Farm Night last night, and coincidentally picked up two new products in our farmstand at the same time. Maple Syrup – from Faber Family Sugarhouse Herbal Wellness Products – from Modern Herbal Our goal is to support other small vendors in our area that are producing high quality products that

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