Ordering Whole and Half Animals

We Would Love To Help You Order A Whole or Half Animal

We cut and package animals in our on-farm commercial kitchen to your specifications:

Custom Cut Animals

Fill your freezer and save money. We will:

  • Break down and process cuts, based on your preference
  • Vacuum-seal and label all cuts
  • Walk you through any questions or concerns
  • Freeze all product prior to pick up (if needed)
  • Coordinate a time for you to pick up your product at our farm, at your convenience
whole lamb

Cut Your Own

Purchase a side of pork to cut yourself. We take pigs to our USDA slaughterhouse, sides are fresh, wrapped in plastic, ready for you to cut

More Information

Orders are pick-up only at 183 Arch St Keene, NH 03431. We do not offer shipping.

All prices are based on animal hanging weight. On average, each pork half carcass weighs about 120 lbs, with a yield of around 60%. For example, a 120 lb half hog will yield about 72 lbs of cuts and sausage. The remainder of the weight consists of fat, cartilage, bone, and other connective tissue. You may choose to keep all of this as well if you’d like!

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