Pasture To Plate: A Home Butchery Class

​Archway Farm is excited to be hosting Dan Profitt of Butcher Pete’s Mobile Meat on October 13th, 2018.  Dan will be demonstrating how to break down a whole hog from snout to tail and covering practical home uses for every part of the animal.

The class will be from 10am to 2pm.  Each student will go home knowing the basics of knife handling, sharpening, jointing and breaking, and converting a whole animal into retail cuts. And they will also take home a heck of a lot of pork too! The course is for anyone over 18 and knives will be provided. You will be going home with no less than ten pounds of fresh pork as well, so bring a cooler and a couple ice packs!

Dan has over 18 years of experience in butchery, starting at Paul’s Choice in Keene as a teenager. He went on to manage several meat and seafood departments for Whole Foods Market. This year he founded Butcher Pete’s, a mobile butcher service for farmers and hunters.

Archway Farm owner Mark Florenz says:
“We are excited to be partnering with Dan on this class as it combines two of our passions, raising pigs outdoors on pasture and connecting people to their food.”

​Butcher Pete’s owner Dan Profitt says,
“I believe that the best meat you can get comes from an animal that lived well and was harvested with care. I want to pass my knowledge on to a new generation of farmers, homesteaders and butchers and this is the start.”

To register for the class, contact Mark Florenz at [email protected] and 603-352-3198.

To learn more about Butcher Pete’s Mobile Meat visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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