Busy Month

Boy looking out window from inside the sausage cart

It’s been quite a month since our crowdfunding campaign closed. We found and acquired the perfect cart soon after the close and have been have been busy getting it ready for prime time. The past week we have been painstakingly scraping off old vinyl decals in preparation for an Archway Farm rebranding (and hanging some Christmas lights)!

Cart Launch

Old Barn

We’re excited to say we have two events lined up to kick off the summer season:

Out with the old

Our big old (falling down) barn is on its way to a new home.  This has been in the works for over a year now, so we’re very happy to see things actually moving forward.

In with the new

We have plans in the works to erect a new hoop structure behind where the old barn was.  This will allow us to better manage manure that builds up in the winter, keep the pigs high and dry in the winter freeze and thaw cycle, and make winter chores a lot easier.  Let’s just say we’re really looking forward to this improvement for next winter!  I think I just used the word winter 5 times.

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