Monadnock Food Co-op

Busy Month

It’s been quite a month since our crowdfunding campaign closed. We found and acquired the perfect cart soon after the close and have been have been busy getting it ready for prime time. The past week we have been painstakingly scraping off old vinyl decals in preparation for an Archway Farm rebranding (and hanging some

Sweet Beet!

Twelve days left! Less than 2 weeks to go and we’re well on track. We have 43 supporters and have raised almost 75% of our goal of $5,000. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. We’re super excited to be at the Monadnock Food Co-op this Friday night for TLC Monadnock Night. Please join us

Spring Farrowing

On the Farm: We had our first four litters of piglets for 2017 this past week.  Pigs used to living on pasture are pretty rugged creatures; food, water, and shelter from the elements is usually all they require.  However, the first 24 hours after piglets are born they are much more vulnerable to the elements.

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