At the Farmstand: June 21-June 27

Beni’s Bread: We are excited to announce that we now carry bread in our farmstand. Beni himself was here at the June Farm Night and we have since figured out a way to carry his bread regularly. The bread is frozen to make sure it stays fresh with some simple directions on the best way to thaw posted in our farmstand. Beni doesn’t have any real online presence, but we found this great article for some background on his operation.

We gave our farmstand a little sprucing up to make it look a little less like a three car garage built in the 1970’s, which it is. That and the construction project in our driveway have wrapped up.

Currently in Stock:
Pork – Archway Farm 

  • Bacon (Sliced, Slab)
  • Ham (Ends – low supply)
  • Maple Breakfast Bulk
  • Sweet Italian Bulk
  • Hot Italian Links
  • Smoked Kielbasa Links
  • Smoked Cheddar Bratwurst Links
  • Pork Chops (bone-in 1.5″)
  • Spareribs
  • Tenderloin
  • Butt Roast
  • Sweet Sopressata Dry Salami
  • Finocchiona Dry Salami
  • Variety Meats (Jowls, Fresh Hocks, Trotters, Liver, Hearts, Kidneys, Leaf Lard, Fatback)

Beef – Moody Farms:

  • Ground, Patties, Steaks, Stew Beef

Chicken – Vernon Family Farm:

  • Boneless Breast, Thighs

Lamb – Brookfield Farm

  • Ground

Raw Milk – Flying Could Dairy, Alstead, NH

Eggs – Crooked Creek Hollow Farm

Gelato – Frisky Cow Gelato

  • Belgian Chocolate, Coffeehouse Chip, Strawberry, Sweet Maple Cream, Vanilla Stracciatella (chocolate chip)​, Coconut Almond Chip

Pudding – Echo Farm Puddings

  • More coming this Saturday

Bread – Beni’s Bread

Other – 

  • Lard Soap: made with our own lard

Coming in soon:​​​

  • Sweet Italian Sausage Links: early July
  • Ground Pork: early July
  • Spareribs: early July
  • Smoked Chorizo Links: July
  • Fresh Belly: July

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