At the Farm Store: Feb 3 – Feb 9

We cut fresh pork for the farm store and custom pigs this week, we have our full line-up of cuts in stock right now! We have milk back in stock this week, Manning Hill was out of power last week with the storms and unable to bottle milk, the joys of farming in the winter.

At the Farm Store: Jan 27 – Feb 2

We were in the kitchen this past week cutting fresh pork. We are shifting our schedule so that we will be cutting pork most every week, for our farm store as well as whole animals for customers. This will allow us to be more responsive to what people are looking for, as always if you

At the Farm Store: Jan 20 – Jan 26

We are no longer taking used egg cartons back. Five Sigma doesn’t want to reuse them, and the number we use for Leo’s hens is very small compared to what we have been getting. Instead of us recycling them, we’d rather save a step and have you do it. Our supply of eggs from Five

At the Farm Store: Jan 13 – Jan 19

We’ve had a couple weeks of downtime in our kitchen and are using the opportunity to do some re-organizing and spring cleaning. We’re shipping pigs again next week and are planning some changes to our process and flow for the new year! Currently in Stock:Pork – Archway Farm Other Frozen Refrigerated Other Coming Soon:

At the Farm Store: Jan 6 – Jan 12

Apparently something is going on with eggs, because all of the sudden we can’t keep them in stock. The larger egg industry is having supply issues because of avian influenza, which has caused prices in the grocery store to skyrocket, which in turn appears to have caused our egg demand to go way up. We

At the Farm Store: Dec 30 – Jan 5

We are winding down in the kitchen for a small post holiday break. Bacon Pork Burgers are back in stock, an old favorite. We made Cotechino sausage for the New Year, a traditional Italian sausage served with lentils. We also made meatloaf, which will be available when we sell the last of our Pork Pies.

At the Farm Store: Dec 13 – Dec 29

We have a selection of fresh (not frozen) pork roasts in our refrigerator today and tomorrow if you are in need of a last minute holiday roast. Loin roasts, rib roasts, tenderloin, porchetta, smoked ham. We made our traditional Tourtiere or pork pies and also have those available in the freezer. Currently in Stock:Pork –

At the Farm Store: Dec 16 – Dec 22

We will be in the kitchen cutting pork most of next week. If you have a special request for the holidays reach out and let us know. Smoked hams, loin roast, rib roast, pork pie, porchetta are just some of the options. Currently in Stock:Pork – Archway Farm Other Frozen Refrigerated Other Coming Soon:

At the Farm Store: Dec 9 – Dec 15

Curried chicken pot pies are now available in our freezer. Our latest meat pie using our own pasture raised chicken, Picadilly Farm veggies, and crust from the Saxy Chef. We have smoked ham halves and quarters available now in our farm store as well as at the Mondanock Food Co-op. The selection right now is

At the Farm Store: Nov 25 – Dec 1

We filled our freezer with hams and bacon this week, hopefully enough to get us through the December holidays. By popular demand, we also added smoked hocks to our store. Cured and smoked here on farm. Currently in Stock:Pork – Archway Farm Other Frozen Refrigerated Other Coming Soon:

At the Farm Store: Nov 18 – Nov 24

We are having our turkey pick-up this weekend for everyone that pre-ordered. I have to be honest, I’m really looking forward to getting rid of all the turkeys, they have made our freezer space quite crowded the last couple weeks. We restocked baking lard and our house made bratwurst links this week. We are scheduled

At the Farm Store: Nov 11 – Nov 17

The bad news is we sold out of turkey pie, but the good news is we’ve moved on to steak & ale pie. A pub classic made with pie crusts from the Saxy Chef. We finished turkeys for the year this past week, and now have ground turkey available in our store. If you pre-ordered

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