At the Farm Store: Mar 27-Apr 2

We’ve brought in some new products to the farm store with the increase in customers we’ve seen these past couple weeks. We now have local cheese, coffee, apples, carrots and spinach. We continue to work on the farms store remodel, bear with us as things get shifted around a bit, we feel like the end

At the Farm Store: Mar 20-Mar 26

We are grateful for all the new and returning customers we have seen this past week. We have run out of a few things (chops, lamb, chicken), but that was probably going to happen regardless of this current situation. We are well stocked on everything else (including eggs), and have more chops and lamb coming

At the Farm Store: Mar 13-Mar 19

We now have duck eggs in our farm store! They come from West Wood Forest Farm, which is in Keene, just on the other side of Rt 9 on Daniels Hill Rd. We’re working on a farm store renovation, pardon the mess for the next couple weeks. Our goal is to insulate and close the

At the Farm Store: Mar 6-Mar 12

We try to maintain a small number of each cut that we have available in our farm store. If you are interested in a larger quantity of something, or a different size let us know, we probably have it in the walk in freezer. We carry fresh pork hocks, which are great low and slow

At the Farm Store: Feb 28-Mar 5

We brought in some larger 16 oz containers of Echo Farm pudding to test out, in the small fridge on the table. This mud and rain wreaks havoc on our driveway, but the pigs have stayed relatively dry inside the barn. The pigs don’t make it easy but after 4 winters, we seem to be

At the Farm Store: Feb 14-Feb 20

We are getting near the end of our Edgefield Farm ground lamb and looking to bring more in. If there are other cuts of lamb that you are particularly interested in let me know. I have been considering getting a whole lamb from a local farm, but want to make sure there is sufficient interest.

At the Farm Store: Feb 7-Feb 13

One of the benefits of farming, and having a self service farm store, is I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule. I’m taking advantage of that and am going to be a “greeter” for Keene Ward 5 in the primary on Tuesday. Come say hello if you happen to be there between 8

At the Farm Store: Jan 31-Feb 6

I am picking up bone-in chops tomorrow, plus the ground pork, kielbasa, and bacon I picked up earlier this week means the farm store is well stocked. Currently in Stock:Large Freezer: Pork – Archway Farm Bacon (Sliced & Ends) Smoked Ham (steaks, quarters, ends) Maple Breakfast Bulk Sweet Italian Bulk & Links Hot Italian Links

At the Farm Store: Jan 24-Jan 30

A quick reminder, our self service farm store is: Open 7 days a week, 9 AM – 6 PM We accept cash, personal check, venmo, & paypal Flag me down if you need change, have a question, are looking for more pigs feet, etc… Currently in Stock:Large Freezer: Pork – Archway Farm Bacon (Sliced &

At the Farm Store: Jan 17-Jan 23

Better late than never? I spaced this week and missed sending out the farm store update on Thursday. The pigs and I have settled into our winter barn routine. I think of the end of January as half way through the winter, won’t be long now. Currently in Stock:Large Freezer: Pork – Archway Farm Bacon

At the Farm Store: Jan 10-Jan 16

Maple Breakfast sausage is back in stock. We did get some eggs in this week, but there is a good chance we will run out again this weekend. I try to manage the herd so we have are having piglets consistently throughout the year, but being livestock things don’t always go as planned. We’ve had

At the Farm Store: Jan 3-Jan 9

We rotate through which sausage we have made based on what we are running low on. We dropped off a gallon of Stuart & John’s Sugarhouse maple syrup at our processor last week to have more of our Maple Breakfast sausage made. We should hopefully have that back in stock in a couple weeks. We

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