At the Farmstand: July 12-July 18

We had our second successful Farm Night last night, and coincidentally picked up two new products in our farmstand at the same time. Maple Syrup – from Faber Family Sugarhouse Herbal Wellness Products – from Modern Herbal Our goal is to support other small vendors in our area that are producing high quality products that

At the Farmstand: July 5-July 11

We are getting fresh deliveries of Beni’s Bread on Wednesday afternoons. It stays fresh for a day after which we put it in our freezer. Easy directions for thawing can be found on the freezer. We hope you can join us for our second Farm Night next Thursday evening. Event poster is below and more

At the Farmstand: June 28-July 4

Our first ever potato crop is up and looking good. We picked up a 1950 Farmall Cub this spring to help with the potatoes. The wheelbase is smaller than our other tractor, so it fits between the rows, and it has a higher clearance. Farmall Cubs were designed with the “CultiVision” concept of an offset

At the Farmstand: June 21-June 27

Beni’s Bread: We are excited to announce that we now carry bread in our farmstand. Beni himself was here at the June Farm Night and we have since figured out a way to carry his bread regularly. The bread is frozen to make sure it stays fresh with some simple directions on the best way

At the Farmstand: June 14-June 20

Beni’s Bread – We are excited to report that we now have Beni’s Bread in our farm stand. We had Beni himself here for the June Farm Night and plan to start carrying his bread going forward. We have it in the freezer to keep it fresher, and have simple instructions posted on how to

At the Farmstand: June 7-June 13

June Farm Night! We are looking forward to our first open farm night next Thursday, June 13th. There will be live music featuring the Contrabulous Fabtraption, food by CC&D’s Kitchen Market, and a farm market featuring other local farmers and producers. Free admission, donations to support the music greatly appreciated. Check out our Facebook Page

At the Farmstand: May 31-June 6

Potatoes! We spent the past week getting 1,200 pounds of seed potatoes in the ground. Why potatoes you might ask? They complement the pigs well, in that they allow us to “rest” a portion of the field and remove some the nutrients the pigs left behind. They also require less machinery than a lot of

At the Farmstand: May 24-May 30

Raw Milk! We’re excited to announce that we now have raw milk in our farmstand. Bill Jahos from Flying Could Dairy in Alstead is dropping off half gallons of certified organic, 100% grass fed, raw milk from his small herd of Jersey cows on Fridays. We started last Friday and ran out over the weekend,

uncured port frankfurters

At the Farmstand: May 17-May 23

Comings and goings at the farmstand this week: Hot Dogs – are finally back in stock Sweet Italian Links – we ran out, but more is coming on Tuesday Smoked Chorizo Links – we ran out, may be a while before we get more (July) Currently in Stock:Pork – Archway Farm  Bacon (Sliced, Ends) Ham

dog on the farm

At the Farmstand: May 10-May 16

We undertook a large drainage project this past week, raising the grade of the old barn foundation near our house.When we took down that barn last year we felt the old foundation would make a really nice social space, but found it collected so much water that it wasn’t really usable. Nine truck loads of

pigs in the distance

At the Farmstand: May 3-May 9

We have our Hot Dogs made at Noack’s Meat Products in Meriden, CT.  They specialize in traditional German meat products and would probably take issue with me calling them Hot Dogs instead of Frankfurters.Taking our pork to Noack’s adds another step to our process, so slows us down a little. But we are getting close now and

child repairing tractor

At the Farmstand: Apr 26-May 2

We continue to have to carefully manage what we have in stock versus what we get made when we send pigs to the butcher.  Overall it’s a good problem to have as most everything stays “fresh”, but again we will probably run out of a few things in the next couple weeks (sweet italian and

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