At the Farm Store: May 15-May 21

We ventured down to Hadley, MA this week to pick up some milk from Mapleline Farm. We’re testing this out in addition to some other new products in our farm store. Our pork supply has been challenged these last couple weeks, we have run out of a number of things. But the good news is

At the Farm Store: May 8-May 14

Fresh Pork Friday! We just got back from the butcher and will have a limited supply of chops, shoulder roasts, and ribs in our farm store tomorrow. I don’t expect they’ll last long… Currently in Stock:Large Freezer: Pork – Archway Farm Bacon (Sliced & Ends) Smoked Ham (steaks, ends) Sweet Italian Links & Bulk Hot

At the Farm Store: May 1-May 7

I was thinking a little (re)introduction was in order as we’ve been fortunate to see a lot of new faces in the past month. My name is Mark Florenz and I, along with my family, own and operate Archway Farm. Our farm store remains focused on two things: High quality local products – the majority

At the Farm Store: Apr 24-Apr 30

We moved two groups of pigs out of the winter barn and into the field this week, for your viewing pleasure when you drive by! Our supply of pork is as good as its ever been, the issue we’re running into is the demand has been so much higher this last month. We continue to

At the Farm Store: Apr 17-Apr 23

We got some fabulous Spring Greens in from Picadilly Farm in Winchester. All the local produce at this point is either root crops from last year or early hoop house grown. Farms are just starting to plant outside, we’re looking forward to things really starting to take off. Currently in Stock:Large Freezer: Pork – Archway

At the Farm Store: Apr 10-Apr 16

We have pulled pork in our farm store, courtesy of Elm City Brewing! Stop by soon, I don’t expect it to last long. We restocked two of our smoked sausages this week, chorizo and cheddar bratwurst. We are running low of fresh cuts (chops, roasts, ribs) but have a good supply of sausage and bacon.

At the Farm Store: Apr 3-Apr 9

Wednesday afternoons we will have fresh Beni’s Bread! After taking a break this winter we will once again be carrying bread. Fresh on Wednesday and frozen on the other days. We, along with everyone else, continue to struggle to keep eggs in stock. We have more coming in on Saturday, but they likely won’t last

At the Farm Store: Mar 27-Apr 2

We’ve brought in some new products to the farm store with the increase in customers we’ve seen these past couple weeks. We now have local cheese, coffee, apples, carrots and spinach. We continue to work on the farms store remodel, bear with us as things get shifted around a bit, we feel like the end

At the Farm Store: Mar 20-Mar 26

We are grateful for all the new and returning customers we have seen this past week. We have run out of a few things (chops, lamb, chicken), but that was probably going to happen regardless of this current situation. We are well stocked on everything else (including eggs), and have more chops and lamb coming

At the Farm Store: Mar 13-Mar 19

We now have duck eggs in our farm store! They come from West Wood Forest Farm, which is in Keene, just on the other side of Rt 9 on Daniels Hill Rd. We’re working on a farm store renovation, pardon the mess for the next couple weeks. Our goal is to insulate and close the

At the Farm Store: Mar 6-Mar 12

We try to maintain a small number of each cut that we have available in our farm store. If you are interested in a larger quantity of something, or a different size let us know, we probably have it in the walk in freezer. We carry fresh pork hocks, which are great low and slow

At the Farm Store: Feb 28-Mar 5

We brought in some larger 16 oz containers of Echo Farm pudding to test out, in the small fridge on the table. This mud and rain wreaks havoc on our driveway, but the pigs have stayed relatively dry inside the barn. The pigs don’t make it easy but after 4 winters, we seem to be

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