At the Farm Store: Jan 7 – Jan 13

We are officially moved into our new kitchen space and hope to be spending a lot of time there this winter cutting pork and developing new products. We cured and smoked some pork loins this week, so look for Canadian bacon in our store soon (which is timely because we are currently sold our of

At the Farm Store: Dec 31 – Jan 6

We are well stocked with pork, chicken, beef, lamb, and fish right now, so much so that I’m having a hard time finding space for everything in our store. We tested out a batch of snack sticks in our new kitchen space this week, we’re excited to start trying more new products as we get

At the Farm Store: Dec 24 – Dec 30

We have wrapped up all of our special order holiday roasts. We do have ham quarters and halves as well as a couple beef rib roasts available in the farm store if you are still in the market for something special. November and December are always a very busy time for us, we’re grateful, but

At the Farm Store: Dec 17 – Dec 23

We are cutting fresh pork tomorrow and early next week including some special holiday offerings. If you are interested in a pork rib roast or porchetta roast reach out to us, we are cutting those to order. Hams, tourtiere, and Five Sigma Farm lamb we have available in our farm store on a first come

At the Farm Store: Dec 10 – Dec 16

We recently restocked our selection of lamb from Five Sigma Farm in Sullivan. The lamb is currently in the freezer right outside the store, I have a tendency to move things around a lot. We have half legs, rib roasts, shanks, chops, ground lamb and more. Currently in Stock:Pork – Archway Farm Bacon (Sliced &

At the Farm Store: Dec 3 – Dec 9

Our kitchen construction has taken longer than I anticipated, which has thrown off my plans for the holiday. We have a good amount of smoked ham halves and quarters that will be available. We are cutting fresh pork tomorrow and in two weeks when I hope to have porchetta roasts and pork rib roasts available

At the Farm Store: Nov 26 – Dec 2

We rounded up our pigs in the field this past week and got them all moved into winter housing. In the barn it is easier for us to maintain a dry bedded area, and provide water that doesn’t constantly freeze. We now have ground turkey in our farm store! From our own pasture raised birds,

At the Farm Store: Nov 19 – Nov 25

We wrapped up poultry season with our last day of processing today. It feels good to be able to put away all that equipment and focus on getting pigs settled into winter housing. For those that reserved turkeys our pick-up times are Friday, November 19th from 2-6pm and Saturday, November 20th from 10am-4pm. We have

At the Farm Store: Nov 12 – Nov 18

Our construction is moving along. Exterior doors are officially in, we now have another week or two of work to finish the walls which will cause some more dust and shuffling of things around. Pardon the mess, the end is hopefully in sight. We are officially sold out of Thanksgiving turkeys for the year! For

At the Farm Store: Nov 5 – Nov 11

We finally got the exterior doors in for our farm store/kitchen space. We’ve been trying to finish the sheetrock for the space and not being able to close and heat it has slowed us down considerably. New in the store this week we have a Fresh Kielbasa sausage as well as our own house cured

At the Farm Store: Oct 29 – Nov 4

We have begun our process of moving pigs into winter housing. As the weather gets cooler, things stay wetter in the fields and it becomes more challenging for us to keep pigs dry and to limit damage to our fields. It takes us a while, but by the end of November I expect most of

At the Farm Store: Oct 22 – Oct 28

Our friends at Frisky Cow Gelato are having a special pop up gelato event next Saturday at their new shop. Check out the special flavors and email Linda to pre-order. Currently in Stock:Pork – Archway Farm Bacon (Sliced & Ends) Smoked Ham (Quarters & Ends) Archway Bratwurst Archway Breakfast Archway Hot Archway Mexican Chorizo Archway

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