At the Farmstand: Apr 12-Apr 18

I picked up another batch of our smoked ham this morning, just in time for the Easter holiday next weekend. In our farmstand we have ham steaks in the freezer and (for a limited time only) ham quarters in the egg refrigerator that are not frozen.  We don’t normally carry any meat that is not

At the Farmstand: Apr 5-Apr 11

We’re excited to share two new additions to our store. Pudding and chicken! The pudding is from Echo Farm Puddings, just down the road from us in Hinsdale. We’re stocking small containers of a few of their flavors to start with (spoons are available). The chicken is from Vernon Family Farm in Newfields, NH. Their

At the Farmstand: Mar 29-Apr 4

Smoked ham back in stock at our farmstand, a variety of half, quarter, steaks, and ends. There is a good chance we will run out before Easter comes in three weeks, so don’t wait too long.​Our ham will also be available at the Monadnock Food Co-op and Natures Green Grocer. Currently in Stock:Pork – Archway

At the Farmstand: Mar 22-28

The cuts that are “high on the hog” are the ones that we sell primarily fresh – fresh meaning not smoked, cured, ground, or otherwise processed. They are: Boston shoulder: aka butt roast or shoulder roast Loin: chops, loin roast, tenderloin Ribs Most everything else either gets made into bacon (the belly), smoked hams, or

At the Farmstand: Mar 15-21

We have officially scheduled the dates for our summer Farm Night event series to be the 2nd Thursday of each month (6/13, 7/11, 8/8, & 9/12).  we’re getting some awesome food trucks and live music lined up for each month and will have a more formal “press release” once that finalized. We are also working

At the Farmstand: Mar 8-14

We ran out of ham in December, but have some in the works that should be ready in the next week or two.  We’ll have it available at our farmstand as well as the Monadnock Food Co-op and Natures Green Grocer in Peterborough.We got in some different pork loin cuts this past week, including some

At the Farmstand: Mar 1-7

Bacon is back in our farmstand and hopefully here to stay for a while.  Our supply has fluctuated, partially due to our number of pigs not being consistent month-to-month, and partially due to me just not managing things well!  But we have a good supply in our freezer now, so those issues are hopefully behind

At the Farmstand: Feb 22-28

Thanks to everyone that came out to our Chinese New Year event this past Sunday.  The weather sure cooperated and gave us a beautiful day!  In case you were wondering we had 103 pigs in the barn on Sunday, we had three people guess within two pigs. We are working on an event series this

At the Farmstand: Feb 15-21

We are now carrying Frisky Cow Gelato in our farmstand! They will also be at our Chinese New Year event this Sunday with the cart scooping gelato. Come meet Linda and Jeff and enjoy the best tasting, artisan gelato made with milk from the cows just on the other side of the archway.  Currently in

At the Farmstand: Feb 8-14

Next Sunday, February 17th we are hosting a Chinese New Year Event at the farm! From noon to 5 pm we’ll have: Street and Savory Food Truck serving food Enjoy Qi Gong with acupuncturist Pamela Bys Gong music, lanterns, and crafts And visit the pigs, of course… See our Facebook page for more information: Currently in

At the Farmstand: Feb 1-7

We picked up more sweet italian sausage links and bacon from our processor today, so our farm stand should be stocked with those for a while.But, our chicken is running out!  Unlike pigs, which manage well in the cold, pastured chickens are only raised in the warmer months. We get our chicken from Christine and

At the Farmstand: Jan 25-31

Our water heaters popped some breakers earlier this week in the frigid cold, but other than that minor issue our new barn has been been fabulous in this roller coaster of a winter weather week. ​New in this week – loin roasts and extra thick pork chops. We are running dangerously low on bacon, but should have

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